Rain, sun, snow or white clouds. In the forest, on a mountain top or in the middle of the big city - We love them all!

To each wedding day its own special / unique tale, a tale that's entirely different from the previous or following day. We capture this day's raw feelings – people smiling, laughing, dancing or welling up with tears. Each emotional episode entailed by intimate, authentic moments

Tales that are unique and personal, simply because their YOURS

We'll document your event in a way you'll Deja-Vu back to your own special day.

To me a wedding day has to be to most unique day in your lifetime, a mixture of actions, emotions and promises. We laugh, we excite, we dance and we cry.


It's my belief that photography is our way to document our prized moments and memories, which cannot be recreated and without the photos these moments will disappear forever. In recent years I've had the privilege to photograph weddings of various religions and genders, in different countries around the world, which enriched my knowledge with valued tools that improve the quality of each photo I take.


Apart from taking genuine, real and exciting photos I strive to be a natural part of the day, the camera disappears and becomes invisible which gives rise to countless genuine and memorable moments that will last forever, moment that are yours and those around whom you care for.

Write your details at the bottom of the page and we'll talk about the wedding over coffee, in my place or yours .


Liron Saar

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